“It may sound corny but I felt empowered by this simple action. I like knowing that my small effort is part of a bigger one connecting ordinary people into a collective expression of disdain for the financial fiasco that continues to reshape our world.”
Kathy B.

“I think the banks are evil incarnate, and I avoid corporations at all costs, so I found this bank that helps you locate smaller, community banks that help your neighborhood, not suck the money out of it (and you). It sounds silly, but I even feel like the bank tellers have my back”
Daniel N.

“Moved my money last week to a local credit union… BoA has been charging me fees on my “free” accounts for the past year… no fees on my free credit union account at OnPoint :-) ”
Dawn E.

“For my part, I’m in the process of moving my banking business from Wells Fargo, one of the “Big Four” banks (and one that, if it were forced to recognize the true market value of all the mortgage paper it’s presently carrying on–and off–its balance sheet, would likely be bankrupt today), to FirstBank, a longtime, stable Colorado banking institution (headquartered in Lakewood, in the west Denver metro area). With my money deposited there, I know that it will be used to benefit Coloradans, not fat-a**ed chair-warming Wall Street banksters coming back from their six-martini lunches to think up new ways to fleece the American public and “justify” their multi-million dollar bonuses (paid for with taxpayer money).”

“…I did it! I feel good about taking control of my own small influence over the banking industry. Washington won’t effectively regulate Wall Street (in spite of reforms that the current administration is now, finally, trying to legislate). So it’s up to people to individually exercise their authority. I enjoyed driving immediately afterward to my credit union, making my deposit to cover the rent check, and doing it without even having to fill out a form. They’re beginning to recognize me. Not many longhaired men visit their credit union, I’m guessing.”

“Today I experienced one of the tangible benefits of having moved my 86 year-old Mom’s money. While making arrangements to move her to assisted living, we decided to move Mom’s cash from Chase to the Meijers Credit Union. Mom worked for Meijers for years and we thought we’d get better service there. Two months later we’ve absolutely validated the decision.
[…]Yesterday, I heard via my step-sister that they had gone shopping and the store’s system wouldn’t accept her PIN. I’m assuming the CU changed the PIN and probably notified her but that she had forgotten the new number. So, I went online looking for a way to reset the PIN but (no surprise) they don’t let you do it online. I thought it was unlikely they’d respond, but I sent them a quick email explaining the problem.
Unbelievably, I got an email response this morning offering to reset the PIN and asking for the number. I responded immediately and, within ten minutes got a response saying that it was done!! Now, THAT is customer service!…”

“My new credit union insures my money just as well as the big bank, but it also offers a ridiculously high interest rate on my checking account, refunds on ATM fees so I can use any ATM I want (even those $3 fees at the back of the convenience stores), really great customer service, and — best of all — free cookies on Fridays.
They can afford to do all of this because, as a credit union, their top priority is me, the member. Not CEO and shareholder profits, not bloated advertising budgets. And best of all, by moving my money to a local community bank, I’ve taken money away from the poorly-managed, impersonal big bank and given it to a bank that will actually use it to help me and people in my community.
I made a real difference, and while my tiny accounts are nothing to a company like Chase, they matter a lot to my local bank and my community. (And did I mention the free cookies?)”

“I believe in this movement because I know what it’s like to feel very helpless about the big banks. I’ve heard many people say ‘it won’t make any difference. These banks are all the same.’
For the past few months I have spent quite a bit of time on the telephone arguing over egregious fees from credit cards and banks. Some of my friends have asked me – ‘why don’t you just pay the fee, it’s only $35. Is it really worth all the stress?’ My response to this is ‘because that is exactly what they want me to do’. For years I have let these so called little fees slide, but $35 here, and $25 there.. it adds up. Not to mention the ATM fees, and high interest rates. These large banks are counting on my getting tired, giving up and just paying up. Banks are getting away with usury because we are letting them.”

“After taking two months to make sure my paycheck automatic credit was transferred to my new USAA account, and the same for my mortgage and student loan payments, I closed my Wachovia account. It was a great feeling. I’d join my local credit union, but my insurance was already with USAA, they have some great features …and they did not need to be bailed out. I’m encouraging all my friends to move their money!!!”
Walt W.

“Yep, did it. Moved all the money to the local credit union……”
Nancy C.

“Moving my money from BofA to local Philly bank today, and couldn’t be happier to be done with those bastards!”
Jason L.

“got rid of BoA and went to local co-op. It’s like getting rid of toxic waste in a responsible way.”
Edwin H.

“I finally did it. i waited for many months. The wait is over for me. As soon as I got my job last week, I opened an account with Austin Telco and have my paycheck directly deposited there. No more Chase for me. They don’t deserve holding on to my money any longer.”
Tom L.

“I’ve been talking about moving my cash for so long now – way before this movement started. I finally did it today. My wife pointed out that it took over a year from the time i said i would to actually doing it.”
Abdul R.

“I moved my money today! Closed my Chase checking and savings accounts and joined the First Entertainment Credit Union. Bye Bye big bailout bank. Hello local credit union!”
Amanda E.

“I moved my money! I now get to use my ATM at any machine and they reimburse the fee! They offer almost 4% return on checking accounts!”
Stella K.J.

“When I closed my Bank of America account, they were so indifferent that they didn’t even ask me why I was doing so. When I call my new bank, they actually answer the phone and are very friendly. Good riddance, BofA!!”
Calvin P.

“Don’t know why we didn’t move to credit union before this. Seemed too time consuming at the time to move everything. NOT ANYMORE!”
Jacqueline F.

“Arianna Huffington, As a consertative blue collar worker I’m pretty much the opposite of you in almost every way….and I almost never agree with anything that you have to say…but on this one issue you are 100% correct. I moved all my savings to a local credit union and a couple of regional banks. Better interest rates, better service, and if they make bad decisions they just go out of business ( I don’t have to bail them out).
One last comment: The CEO of my primary regional bank? He does an excellent job and makes about $200,000 per year…..not $20 million per year….$200,000 per year.”

“I am bits and bytes of financial history on a computer screen. My character is absent from the data. Humanity is not part of the equation. If my mechanic, dentist and doctor had merged like the banks, odds are my tooth would still ache, that spot on my arm would have turned into skin cancer, my girl friend’s car would still be stuck in snow.”
Robert S.W.

“Just went and closed out my largest savings account with Wells Fargo, they didn’t even care to ask why I was leaving. Guess my little measly accounts don’t mean much. I have to wait til the rest of my debits clear and then I can close the balance out. While it has been a bit of a pain in the rear establishing a new bank, it’ll be worth it in the long run.”
Ursula H.

“One month ago. Goodbye Chase, Hello Redwood Credit Union.
It was easy and the inconvenience was minimal. If capitalism that actually benefits the folks at the bottom as much as the people at the top is to succeed, it will be through community oriented institutions and not the consolidated top down model that inevitably captures and pulls money to the upper echelon.
Move your money. Keep it local.”
Jay B.

“Back in the summer I had it with Bank of America and decided to join a local credit union and I have never looked back. Yes it was a pain to move all my online billing, my automatic payments etc. But I have had a pleasant experience with the credit union, I can talk to someone when I call their customer service and they believe in customer loyalty. The more business I do with them, the better the benefits, how it should be.”
Ms C.

“I moved my money to Westerly CCU in Rhode Island. They are a community credit union and they gave my associate, a local health care provider a business loan; she would probably have not gotten money from a big bank. WCCU helps Main street so that’s where my money goes – not to big corporate bonuses after they ripped us off.”
Kathy K.

“It seems like a populist movement to me which is right up my alley, but the daunting task of changing all of my direct deposits and withdrawals stopped me. Finally last week I decided to go with a credit union, so the transition is in process. For anyone who is interested in voting with his or her feet, I suggest you consider it.”
Katie F.H.

“Moved our money and are looking forward to a much better experience with a local, community bank. Let’s keep the ‘move’ment going!”
Jacki M.

“Maybe, just maybe, if enough of us flee the big banks, they will get the message when they end up with a drastic decline in customers. After all, it is our money on deposit in their banks which keeps them afloat and enables them to make loans to other people and other businesses.”
Loretta R.

“Right now, I have savings with one of the large banks. It’s a matter of inertia and business. I need the large bank for business and convenience but I don’t need it for my savings. When the CDs come up for renewal, they will move to a local bank here in Olympia. It’s the right move at the right time. I’ve been wondering what I as an individual can do to force change on a resistant economic system. One power I have is in my personal decisions; I control my investments and will no longer allow them to support brigands whose only motive is profit, profit and more profit.”
Rez Dog

“I moved my money to my local bank – and the Bank manager wrote me a hand-written note welcoming me as a client. Amazing!”
Brain M.

“My husband and I have had our accounts with Palos Bank & Trust for 10 years now and we love it! It is our community bank in Palos Heights, Illinois. We know the people who work there and they know us. In fact the mayor of our city also works at the bank. He and we and other members of the bank belong to various Rotary clubs in the area. For 3 years now, we have even used this bank for our Rotary District conference. I wouldn’t transfer to one of those big banks for all the money in the world! (No pun intended.) With them you are only an account number. With community banks, you are a real person. I would strongly encourage all citizens to transfer your monies to the local bank in your area. We have to support one another and this is a great way to do it.”
Kathy K.

“We had all our investments, credit card and mortgage with Wells Fargo, with a strong credit history and no problems. In February 2009 we tried to refinance to take advantage of better rates and they refused to talk to us, telling us after being pressed that they were unable to unbundle are mortgage. We talked to Whitefish Credit Union in Whitefish, Montana, and they were happy to have us as customers. We refinanced, paid off the small balance on our WF credit, and closed all our accounts. Wells Fargo seemed to have no interest in keeping us as customers and we were happy to leave them behind.”

“I moved my money from Bank of America to a credit union, and I thought it would be hard and I would have to write checks again, etc. But they have the same free online bill pay that BofA does. You research the credit unions online to make sure they have the services you used from BofA.”
Brenda L.

“Moved from Wells Fargo (Wachovia) to IBC. I feel good about doing what I could do. Nobody, no free market business should be too big to fail. Let’s help them go on a diet.”

“I am leaving [my big bank] next week after almost 20 yrs! I was having online banking problems and made 4 calls to the help desk. I checked my acct online and saw that they charged me $1.50 for excessive phone help. I called and asked them if it was right, they said yes and wouldnt refund it. I explained that I had been with them for 20 years and would leave to go to a credit union. They didnt care. I make decent cash that they will never see again because of a $1.50 charge. See ya”
Tony D.

“Moved my money today…farewell PNC!”
Jacqueline C.

“I moved my money and I’m glad I did and I plan on spreading the word everywhere I go. One day soon I hope big banks will wake and find themselves wondering what hit them – in the wallet.”
Paula P.

“I moved my money from Wells Fargo to my local credit union, and I dont care if its run by D’s or R’s. […] The key word is “rational” – using reason and intellect to overcome being controlled by emotional fear.”
Brian J.

“You don’t have to pick a side […] to appreciate the Move Your Money Project.”
Kim S.

“B of A since 84. Told’m to stuff it and moved to a local credit union. Same conveniences, but now I can make an appointment with the CEO!”
Michael P.

“Just left Wells Fargo after 20+ years to join First Tech Credit Union here in Oregon. So glad to send a message by voting with my dollars.”
Diana B.

“It would be nice if this were an issue that everyone, right and left, could come together on!”
Annie S.

“I applaud the efforts of the people of this nation. This effort is a ‘human’ one…not a left, right, religious or non-religious. Real Change starts when the American people rise up and say…Enough is Enough. Move Your Money from these GREEDY banks Today!”
Quint R.

“My nice “personal banker” made the mistake of asking me why I was closing my account. So I told him:
* One of my local banks refunds my ATM fees at other banks.
* My other local bank pays 0.75% interest–on an ordinary checking account.
* Bank of America breaks the law.
* Bank of America closed two out of the three branches in my town.
* Oh, and it’s too big, and presents a systemic risk to the U.S. economy.”
James K.

“sat down and talked directly to the actual ‘President of my bank’ today.. THEE DUDE! and it was empowering. I just closed my Wells Fargo account(s) and opened @ Shoreline Bank.”
Andrew D.

“I have already moved from boa to a local bank. as a matter of fact, the local bank officers know me and my wife by name, and they pride themsleves on that. i have had it with paying boa’s execs with my fees, and allowing them to use my money to pay outrageous bonuses. God bless the USA, and the right to move to a local small bank. if big banks want our business, show respect to the customer, keeping us waiting on hold for 7+ minutes is not good service. my local bank ANSWERS the phone, Amazing!!”

“I recently moved to a local credit union after I’d received a letter from credit card company stating they were raising my rate on existing balance. The credit union transferred my balance to their visa card, to a lower rate than the old one, AND there was no fee for transferring.”
David S.

“We moved to a local bank yesterday – they were thrilled, welcomed us, we are now getting a higher rate and they gave us a small flatscreen TV!”
John G.

“Two days ater a hurricane blew the roof off my house in 1999, I was at my local TIB/The Island Bank branch in Key West, Florida, withdrawing some money. The branch manager was standing by the teller line, extending emergency loans, on the spot, up to $5K, to any of it’s customers in need. I have long since moved away from the Keys, but I will never forget the kindness extended by TIB and it’s management when I most needed it.”
Charles M.

“I have had my checking and savings at a Credit Union for many years, but my credit card was at a big bank. I’m not sure why I never made the switch before. I pay off my balance every month so the card’s interest rate never mattered to me. The big bank offered “points” on my purchases, I guess I thought that was a big bank feature. It turns out that my credit union offers a no annual fee card that pays points and has a current interest rate of 8.5%! Now the greedy speculators do not get to make a penny off of me!”
Lance M.

“The unchangeable 29.99% (I called to ask 3 times and was 3 times denied) interest rate on my Bank of America Visa wasn’t working for me anymore, so I transferred my balance to a Coastal Federal Credit Union Visa, where my interest rate will be somewhere between 7 and 15%, MAX.”
Kerianne C.

“My wife and I are taking our money from Wells Fargo, and putting it in Mission Bank. And I’m also directing the staff of the non-profit I run, Black Rock Solar, to switch all our accounts from Wells Fargo to New Resource Bank here in SF, which specializes in renewable energy and sustainable communities. Enough of Well’s excuses, we’re leaving…”

“After I learned about the deceptive loan practices by Wells Fargo which exacerbated the mortgage crisis, I made the decision to sever my 13 year relationship with Wells Fargo and move my 5 accounts to Mechanics Bank in Oakland. My move was motivated by principle, but now I am so grateful for all the practical and personal benefits of this new banking relationship with a local bank. My favorite [perks] include: 1. Free checking, 2. No fee ATMS, 3. Personal Banker who knows your name and can find commonsense solutions to problems.”
Yelda B.

“I can’t remember the last time something has come along that truly and equally succeeds in motivating people to drop their red and blue team colors…in favor of pitchforks, torches and a hill. Thank you, Mary Shelley!”
Ron H.

“This screen capture of is being posted around my neighborhood to spread the word!”
Horst S.

“I just fired Bank of America and switched to a small local bank with only six branches here in Montgomery Co. and I couldn’t be more satisfied.”
Tanner K.

“I have begun moving my money from National City (soon to be PNC) to NuUnion Credit Union (soon to be Lake Trust CU). I figured if my bank was being bought out, why not switch to a CU that was merging with another CU to benefit its member-owners?”
Nick O.

“So happy — just signed a new mortgage with a local bank! Goodbye, Bank of America!”
Ellen W.R.

“I’m with a local bank. They always know my name. I got my student loans through them, too. Now and then, they’ll waive a fee just to thank me for being a customer. I’m proud to let them take care of my money.”

“This is a very good way of voting with our dollars and using the marketplace to get what we want instead of hoping our corrupt politicians will take care of it for us… We, the consumer, have the power.”

“I have been banking locally with CapFed (KS bank) since 1994 and I totally agree with this video!! Left, Right, Middle, who cares…this is bigger than that!”